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Our service is completely free and all repayment terms are between you and the lender. Each lender has different loan terms, such as the loan amount, the APR for the loan, repayment schedules, etc.

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  • Fill out our no-obligation form. It only takes 2 minutes and will get you on your way to the money you need. We will only ask you for the information that is required for the loan and don’t worry, our website features a 256-bit website encryption to keep your information safe. Once you submit, we will immediately connect you with a lender. If we are unable to find a lender that meets your needs, we will tell you.
  • Once you have been connected with a lender, you will be presented with the loan offer. Be sure to read through this document as it contains vital information about your APR, repayment, and all other loan terms. If you decide the terms are not what you are looking for, simply decline. There is no obligation to accept the loan offer.
  • After e-signing the loan offer, the funds will be deposited directly into your bank account. In most cases, the loan can be deposited the next business day.

Know Before You Go!

The APR on a personal loan ranges from 4.83% to 35.99% with loan terms ranging from 3 months to 60 months. The actual loan rate depends and many different factors – some of those factors are loan amount, term requested, credit score, usuage and credit history. All these factors are considered by the lender. Lenders may charge an origination fee for facilitating a loan. If offered a loan, make sure you read all terms carefully and fully understand them. Still a little confused about APR? Here’s a representative example of what you can expect out of a personal loan: If you borrow $35,000 on a 36-month repayment terms and a 10% APR, the monthly repayment will be $161.34. The totally repayment will be $5,808.24 and the total interest paid will be $808.24.

A Little More Information!

All loan providers are regulated by state and federal entities and must adhere to some very strict laws in terms of lending, non-payment and collections should you default on a loan. It’s important that you understand the regulations before agreeing to a personal loan. And we cannot stress enough, please read all loan documents carefully and make sure you agree with them before signing!
Remember, personal loans are a form of credit and must be paid off as agreed upon. There are always risks associated to any loan and consequences for failure to pay. If a loan is not repaid, you may be reported to a collection agency and face financial penalties….not to mention what it can do to your credit score. A low credit score or negative marks on your credit report can make getting future loans more expensive and difficult to obtain.

The Possible Consequences!

Late & Non-payment fees, administration penalties and collection procedures may apply in the case of late or non-payment. Not to mention that credit score being lowered and negative marks. To avoid these additional fees and penalties, you should make your payments as scheduled. All fees must be disclosed by the lender prior to execution of a loan. Make sure you read and understand the terms prior to agreeing to a loan. Some key points in a loan agreement include: amount of the loan, cost of the loan, term of the loan, repayment amounts and timing of those repayments. By law, the lender must show you the APR and terms. Rates will vary based on credit rating, loan size and terms. Minimum and maximum loan amounts may vary according to state laws and by lender.

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